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Sydney Football Stadium Hotels

Sydney Football Stadium, formerly known as the Aussie Stadium, is located in Moore Park, Sydney. It was originally built with the intent of hosting rugby league football, but now also provides Sydney with a soccer venue as well. The stadium can accommodate up to forty five thousand spectators. Built in 1988, the Sydney Football Stadium now supports a capacity of over forty five thousand.

About the Sydney Football Stadium

The Sydney Football Stadium is located in Moore Park, New South Wales, Australia. Before it opened in 1988, all major sporting events were held at the Sydney Cricket Ground. Because of the Cricket Ground's oval shape, it was not ideal for sports that needed a rectangular field. Therefore, a new stadium was built just adjacent to the Cricket Grounds. The capacity of Sydney Football Stadium today is 45,000 people.

The Sydney Football Stadium is now home to teams playing rugby union, rugby league, and soccer. Several impressive international matches have been held here, including several Rugby World Cup matches in 2003, and the 2000 Summer Olympics Women's Soccer Gold Medal Match between the USA and Norway. Aside from sporting events, the stadium is also used for large concerts and performances from big names like Bon Jovi, U2, and Pearl Jam.

Tours can be arrange to experience a behind the scenes look of the Sydney Football Stadium, an exciting prospect for sports enthusiasts. Imagine what it feels like to be a player while standing in the locker rooms, or while you're walking through the player's tunnel leading out to the pitch. This is a great way to see the stadium if you aren't able to catch a game yourself.

It is simple to get to Sydney Football Stadium by public transport, thanks to it's convenient location a mere 4 kilometers from the downtown Sydney area. If you choose to drive, parking is available, although spots are limited during large events. To reach the stadium by public transport, catch a train from anywhere in the city to Central Station. From there, several buses travel often from the stadium to the station and back. On event days, specially marked shuttle buses leave at five minute intervals, and guarantee a speedy trip.

There are a plethora of local attractions in the area surrounding the Sydney Football Stadium. Just next door to the stadium you can find the Fox Studios of Australia, a fascinating place where many Australian films and shows are shot. There are also many restaurants, bars, cafes, and hotels within walking distance. Downtown Sydney is just a short bus ride away, and is home to beautiful beaches, museums, and other cultural attractions.

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